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Nathan Mayne Univeristy of Exeter Abstract Presentation Exoplanetary Atmospheres in 3D: multidimensional processes and opportunities
Stephanie Merritt Queen's University Belfast Abstract Presentation High-resolution spectroscopy for the confirmation of a temperature inversion in WASP-121b
Clara Sousa-Silva MIT Abstract Presentation Molecular Simulations for the Spectroscopic Detection of Atmospheric Volatiles
Simon Grimm University of Bern Abstract Presentation HELIOS-K: The challenge of calculating opacity functions for 10^10 molecular lines
Paul Anthony Wilson Leiden Observatory Abstract Oral Signs of the beta Pictoris b Hill Sphere Transit?
Olivia Venot Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen Abstract Oral Improvements and developments in chemical modelling of exoplanet atmospheres
Beth Biller University of Edinburgh Abstract Oral Characterising Young Giant Exoplanet Atmospheres with Direct Imaging
Jasmina Blecic New York University Abu Dhabi Abstract Oral Complex clouds in retrieval in the JWST era
Vincent Boudon Lab. ICB/UBFC/CNRS Abstract Presentation High-temperature emission spectra and updated calculated spectroscopic database of methane
Richard Freedman Seti Institute Abstract Presentation The Calculation of Atomic and Molecular Opacities for Astrophysical Applications
Uffe G. Jørgensen Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen Abstract Presentation Self-consistent modelling of stellar and sub-stellar atmospheres
Robert Hargreaves Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Abstract Presentation Future plans for HITEMP and extensions to the HITRAN broadening molecules
Matthew Hooton Queen's University Belfast Abstract Presentation Excursions into inversions: first results from the QUB secondary eclipse campaign
Geronimo Villanueva NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Abstract Presentation Planetary Spectrum Generator: an accurate online radiative transfer suite for exoplanets
Lalitha Sairam Institute for Astrophysics, Gottingen Abstract Oral Red stars as blue planet hosts
Katy Chubb UCL/SRON Abstract Oral ORBYTS (Original Research by Young Twinkle Students)
Kevin Heng University of Bern Abstract Oral Radiative transfer in atmospheres with large aerosols
Laura McKemmish University of New South Wales Abstract Presentation Hot Jupiters and Cool Stars Beware: A new TiO line list is here
Patricio Ernesto Cubillos Vallejos Austrian Academy of Sciences Abstract Presentation An Homogeneous Retrieval of Exoplanet Atmospheres
Adam Burgasser University of California Abstract Presentation The Spex Prism Library Analysis Toolkit:  Tools for Characterizing Exoplanet Spectra
Göran Pilbratt ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk Abstract Presentation ARIEL - Science and overview of ESA's mission to study the nature of exoplanets
Marcell Tessenyi UCL Abstract Oral Twinkle - a mission to unravel the story of planets in our galaxy
Allyson Bieryla Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Abstract Presentation Highlights from the TRES Spectrograph
Chloe Fisher University of Bern Abstract Presentation Supervised Machine Learning for Analysing Spectra of Exoplanetary Atmospheres
Masahiro Ikoma University of Tokyo Abstract Oral Atmospheric spectra of highly irradiated low-mass exoplanets
Markus Meuwly University of Basel Abstract Oral Atomistic simulations for Energized Processes in the Gas Phase
Joanna Barstow UCL Abstract Presentation A comparison of exoplanet retrieval tools
Jayne Birkby University of Amsterdam Abstract Oral Exoplanet Atmospheres at High Spectral Resolution
Ingo Waldmann UCL Abstract Oral ExoAI: Deep learning in exoplanet spectroscopy
Daniel Kitzmann University of Bern Abstract Oral The peculiar atmospheric chemistry of KELT-9b
Mark Phillips University of Exeter Abstract Presentation Atmosphere models for cool brown dwarfs and giant exoplanets
Ben Burningham University of Hertfordshire Abstract Oral Atmospheric retrievals across the LT transition using 1 - 15um spectroscopy
Karan Molaverdikhani University of Colorado Abstract Presentation Spectral decomposition: a method to classify exoplanets spectra
Angelos Tsiaras UCL Abstract Oral The legacy of HST/WFC3: a prototype for future population studies of exoplanets
Sergey Yurchenko UCL Abstract Presentation The ExoMol project: progress and perspective
Robin Baeyens KU Leuven Abstract Poster Vertical Mixing in Hot Jupiter Atmospheres: 2D post-processing coupling general circulation and disequilibrium chemistry
Jean-Loup Baudino University of Oxford Abstract Poster Are we ready to characterise exoplanet atmospheres with the James Webb Space Telescope observations?
Sarah Blumenthal University of Exeter Abstract Poster A Benchmark to Consistently Model Haze Precursors in Exoplanet Atmospheres
Vincent Boudon Lab. ICB/UBFC/CNRS Abstract Poster Exo-PlanetarY high-Temperature Hydrocarbons by Emission and Absorption Spectroscopy (e-PYTHEAS project)
Ryan K. Cole University of Colorado Boulder Abstract Poster Frequency Comb Spectroscopy at Extreme Temperature and Pressure in Support of Exoplanet Research
Daniel Darby-Lewis UCL Abstract Poster Synthetic spectra of BeH, BeD and BeT using vibronically resolved R-Martrix data for modelling of emission from the JET plasma
Brendan Devlin-Hill UCL Abstract Poster Extrapolating and Interpolating Hydrocarbon Cross Sections
Billy Edwards UCL Abstract Poster An Updated Mission Reference Sample for ARIEL
Maire Gorman Aberystwyth University Abstract Poster Generation of line lists for the manganese bearing diatomics of MnH, MnF and MnCl
Maire Gorman Aberystwyth University Abstract Poster Refined line list for the ions of ArH+, KrH+ and XeH+
Gloria Guilluy Università degli Studi di Torino Abstract Poster High resolution day-side spectroscopy of the hot gas giant HD 102195b
Rafal Hakalla University of Rzeszów Abstract Poster Precision Spectroscopy and Comprehensive Analysis of Perturbations in the A1Π(ν=0) State of 13C18O
Rafal Hakalla University of Rzeszów Abstract Poster Fourier-transform Spectroscopy and Deperturbation Analysis of the A1Π(ν=0) Level in the 12C17O Isotopologue
Rafal Hakalla University of Rzeszów Abstract Poster FT spectroscopy of the comet-tail (A2Πi → X2Σ+) system bands in 12C17O+
Rafal Hakalla University of Rzeszów Abstract Poster Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on the Visible Spectrum of AlD+
Jens Hoeijmakers CSH Bern/Geneva Observatory Abstract Poster Detection of Iron and Titanium in the atmosphere of Kelt-9b
Matej Malik University of Bern Abstract Poster The Impact of Opacities on Radiative Transfer Calculations
Erin May University of Michigan Abstract Poster Optical Transmission Spectra with IMACS on Magellan Baade
Sarah McIntyre Australian National University Abstract Poster A Multi-Parameter Approach to Habitability (M-PAtH)
Alec Owens University of Hamburg Abstract Poster ExoMol line lists - XXIX.  The rotation-vibration spectrum of methyl chloride up to 1200 K
Tom Rivlin UCL Abstract Poster The spectrum of sodium chloride and its detection in the atmospheres of cool red dwarfs
Apoorva Upadhyay UCL Abstract Poster ExoMol line lists XXV: a hot line list for silicon sulphide, SiS